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Behind Every Map, There is a Person

Philippe Rekacewicz

These maps by Philippe Rekacewicz, published here on C& every day over the next couple of days, show how the phenomenon of migration relates to the issue of political borders.

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"I'm drawn to the paradox of permanence and impermanence"

Our author Massa Lemu talks to Ledelle Moe about her sculptural practice.

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    In the Loop

    Jan Kedves talks with Jimmy Robert about performance, paper and movement as a form of writing

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    History is never “just a story"

    Echoes of Zaire: Popular Painting from Lubumbashi, DRC - A remarkable show in London explores...

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    Africa from afar

    At the 56th Biennale in Venice, Sean O’Toole muses about changing canons, socialist art and the...

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    A Splash of Fresh Milk 

    C& talks to the founders of Fresh Milk, an art space located on a former dairy farm in Barbados.

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