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Welcome to our C& print issues. The first edition was launched in 2014 during the Dakar Biennale. Together, the online platform and the print issues represent and embody different ways of narrating the story of contemporary art from African perspectives, a story without a single history or center.
6th edition, September 2016

Afro-Brazilian Perspectives

This print issue focuses on Afro-Brazilian perspectives as well as the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo, co-edited  with the amazing São Paulo-based editorial team of cultural magazine OMenelick 2° Ato.

5th edition, February 2016

The Interview Issue

This edition reflects what we at C& do most of the time: discussing and connecting. Conversations with Kapwani Kiwanga, ruby onyenyechi amanze, Martine Syms, Terence Nance, and many more

4th edition, September 2015

Focus Bamako

This time the issue is in both English and French because of our focus on the 10th Bamako Encounters – African Biennale of Photography, including reviews, features and an interview with Bisi Silva, artistic director of this year’s Bamako Biennale.

3rd edition, June 2015

Focus Migration

In this issue we talk to artists, curators and academics about alternative routes of communication: cartographies of migration and shifting political borders introduce our focus on migration. Interviews Emeka Ogboh, Guy Woueté, Thelma Golden or Okwui Enwezor ect.

2nd edition, September 2014

Kampala Focus

Features focus on Kampala’s art festival, or a new mega museum to be built in Cape Town and a latest round of C&’s Inside the Library series.

1st edition, April 2014

Dak’Art –14

We are very happy to hold the first printed C& issue in our hands: It’s a special edition for this year’s Dakar Biennale, with features, interviews, retrospective views. One highlight is a new Manifesto drawn up by a group of artists and cultural producers from Dakar.


Contemporary And (C&) is a dynamic space for the reflection on and linking together of ideas, discourse and information on contemporary art practice from diverse African perspectives.

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