If Defined, Then Undefine— Jamilah Sabur

Dimensions Variable, Miami, United States
25 May 2017 - 11 Sep 2017

Jamilah Sabur, Installation If Defined, Then Undefine, 2017 at Dimensions Variable. Courtesy Dimensions Variable.
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For her solo project at Dimensions Variable, Jamilah Sabur is creating a video installation along with 2-D and sculptural work based on memories of her mother’s childhood home in Jamaica, a colliding history of Simón Bolívar in Jamaica and flooded landscapes. Sabur is haunted by the overlapping residue that defines Latin America and the Caribbean. Sabur describes her work as a ritual of the dislocated with qualities of extreme absurdity and extreme desolation.

Sabur first participated in a performance at DV in 2015 titled Voleur (thief). It was a performance tribute to Marie Vieux Chauvet; where Sabur and artist Andy Robert played a game of mancala over the course of 2-hours, while enacting roles of prisoner and guard.


About the artist

Jamilah Sabur was born in Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica and lives and works in Miami. Sabur received her BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009 and an MFA from University of California San Diego in 2014. Recent exhibition and screening venues include REDCAT, Los Angeles; MomaPs1, NY; Armory Art Center, Palm Beach; and History Miami Museum.


Dimensions Variable (DV)
300 NE 2nd Avenue
MDC Building 1, 3rd Floor
Miami, FL 33132
United States